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Used Gemstone – Wear It or Stay Away from it?

Can we wear used gemstones?

Before trying to find out the answer to the above question,

let’s first understand

What is gemstone and what are its uses for us as humans?

Technically, a gemstone can be a mineral or rock with beautiful enough to be shaped and wearable as in jewellery.

Generally, a stone lying on the road can be finished as a gemstone but cannot be beautiful enough to be worn in the ring.

Gemstones are available in various colours with certain physical properties which make them durable enough to stay with the wearer for ages.

Astrology holds a very important value of gemstones in improving the life of an individual wearer. Various researches and even old Indian Vedic science has proofs of a positive impact of gemstones on human life and personality. According to Vedic science, gemstones make a positive aura around the human body attracting positive energies from the universe.

Astrologers suggest individual a gemstone based upon horoscope and stars position in the horoscope for balancing energies around body attracting positive energies with aura made of gemstone light.

Next question comes in mind that the gemstone we are wearing is original or synthetic (man-made), many identification labs are open worldwide analysing quality and authenticity of gemstones, separating original gemstones from fakes.

Gemstones are then valued based on their quality which is based on colour, clarity, size and finishing, another very important factor is origin or mine of gemstone.

There are specialist qualified professional people worldwide identifying quality and authenticity of gemstones and are called as gemologists.

Continuing this discussion relating to gemstones is that the gem one is wearing in finger is new or used from someone’s fingers?

The question can be replied while discussing the origin of gemstones.

Gemstones are minerals mined from the womb of the mother earth by miners using various techniques and tools.

These are then finished with machinery to transform into beautiful glittering gemstones studded in precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) crafting.

The value and quality of gemstones lie in its rarity, if it’s not rare then its not a gemstone, if it’s not beautiful it’s not a gemstone, if it’s not durable then its not a gemstone.

For example, diamond is expensive because its rare and natural, one carat of diamond is recovered from one ton of debris; this shows its rarity and increases its value.

The mining technique of diamond is very advanced level and modernised nowadays with huge cleaning and finishing plans installed near mining areas.

Let’s take the discussion back to the original question that gemstones can be reused or not?

These two uses of gemstones first in jewellery for ornamental beauty and second for astrological purpose as discussed previously.

If you remember the jewellery of your mother was given as a gift to sister or your wife and is considered as symbol of lover and elders blessings, similarly gemstones can be worn and carried from generations to generations.

One the campaign from world’s largest diamond mining company De-beers “A Diamond is Forever”, signifies a diamond is long live and can be carried from generations to generations.

Similar with other gemstones as well and can be worn by others and changed from fingers to fingers, neck to neck but its purity will remain as it was and as it will remain.

The last factor related to gemstones usage is astrological reuse of gemstones and the answer to this lies in the above discussion of gemstone making an aura around or positive energy field around our body, attracting positive things to us impacting our lives.

Therefore, a gemstone will remain pure because it works like positive energy transmitting device without being consumed and used.

And this is law of nature things which are not consumed will remain pure and perfect for reuse.


In conclusion, gemstones either can be used as jewellery or astrologically are perfect for reuse without any question or doubt.


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