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What is a Pearl, All About Pearls and Its Different Types

What is Pearls?

A Pearl is an Organic gem, It Comes from a living thing and is a Concretion Produced by a mollusk. It is produced by various Species of Saltwater and freshwater mollusks.

Pearls are produced by Various Bivalve mollusks but only in those with the “Pearly” lining are produced on the interior of the shell.



True Pearls are produced by those having above living called “mother-of-pearl”.

There are Various Proposed regarding the origin of Pearls but one theory which says that due to some foreign Body or Disturbance, Irritation in Mollusk starts giving secretion in the form of a pearl.

What are the Different Types of Pearls?


There are Two Different Types of Pearls –Natural and Cultured

What is Natural Pearls?

•   Natural Pearls are formed by Chance in oyster without human intervention and Occur due to the disturbance in Surroundings when any foreign Body Enters the Shell.

•   The Oyster was then not able to get rid of that foreign body which is generally a grain of sand or form of parasite.

•    That Sand Grain or dead parasite Creates Irritation due to which Oyster Secretes Necrea Surrounding that foreign Body to form a pearl.

Types of Natural Pearls: –

Natural Pearls are Sub-divided into Two Types – Marine and Freshwater

Marine Pearls –

•    The White, Silver or golden lipped pearl oyster (Pinctada marima) and Secrets a creamy gold colour nacre around the edge.

•    While golden lipped oyster Secrets creamy gold colour nacre around the edge.

•    The Species of mollusk lives in the following places- The East Indian Ocean, the West Pacific, North-western Australia.

Types of Marine Pearls:-

1. Tahitian Black pearls

2. Akoya Pearls

3. Abalone Pearls

4. South Sea Pearls

5. Burmese Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Types of freshwater pearls:-

1. Biwa Pearl

2. Cristaria plicata (Cockscomb pearl)

3. triangle shell pearl

What are Cultured Pearls?

In Case of Cultured Pearl’s human Beings by Operation Induce Nucleus in Oyster Which Works As Irritating agent.

There are Various Species of Mollusks Which Produce Pearls are different for Sea-Water and freshwater.

Types of Cultured Pearls:-

1. Mabe Pearls

2. Solid Blister Pearls

3. Keshi Pearls

4. Ringed Pearls

5. Half Pearls

6. Three Quarter pearls


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