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What to Wear to an Indian Wedding that Maintains your Dignity

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding as a Guest?

Indian weddings are one of the grandest and royal events that you can think of. Dressing up and getting ready is an integral part of Indian weddings. There are tons of Rituals and ceremonies in any Indian Wedding. If you manage to dress up and get ready in a proper way, you can rock the show and be the ultimate showstopper at the wedding.

Now here are a few important things that you strictly need to follow while getting ready for an Indian wedding.

  • Choose Vibrant colors to spice up your look. Indian weddings are all about vibrancy. Bright and loud Colors of outfits are associated with happiness, joy and Positivity. You can also get some cool pictures if you wear Colorful and designer dresses. Try to avoid wearing white and black as they are associated with mourning in the Indian Culture.
  • Dress according to the ceremony. For example, Choose some subtle designed yet vibrant colours for the day functions and some dark colours like Maroon for the evening parties
  • Get along proper accessories to flaunt your dress. Proper Jewellery, Bags and Hair accessories can enhance the overall get up through many folds. The dress alone is not able to create a strong impact unless paired with perfect accessories
  • Check out if all components of the dress properly complement each other. The Blouse and Dupattas should go along properly with the dress
  • Don’t restrict yourself and let your creativity flow out. Try contrast pairings and out of the box ideas to dress yourself up.
  • Get a proper makeup was done which goes in line with your dress and amplifies the grandeur of the Outfit.
  • Indian wardrobes are filled with traditional ethnic wears that are best suited for attending weddings. Nevertheless, trends are changing and modern Indian women are imbibing daring and unconventional dress codes for weddings. Let us have a look at the MUST wear dresses for any Indian Wedding.

Wedding Guest Attire Female:-


Shimmery and Gorgeous lehenga is the most widely worn dress for Indian weddings. They complement the grandeur and royalty of Indian weddings and are near to perfect as a dress. All you have to do while planning to wear a lehenga is that, get a proper blouse and dupatta that will enhance the overall look


The best type of Indian designer wear which complements the Silhouette of Indian Women are Sarees. Designer Chiffons or traditional Kanjeevaram, they help to create a look which is Multivariant and can be a one-stop solution for your Indian Wedding dress. Also, the best part about Sarees is that you can try them out for almost all the ceremonies of Indian weddings. Light fabric subtle Sarees are perfect for day rituals whereas designer Zardausis for night wears

Salwar kameez

Salwar kameez can also be a great option to choose as Indian dresses. Sikh weddings are the ones where Salwar kameez is worn widely. But irrespective of religion, Salwar kameez is also a hit combo for Indian weddings. You can try Phulkari and Patialas according to your choice. Salwar kameez can also be great options for the daily rituals where relatively lighter dresses are preferred.

Modern Dresses

spirited modern Indian women are trying out some unique dresses such as Kurti Palazzos or designer skirts as outfits to attend the Indian weddings. Even gowns are in trend these days. Sarees and lehenga though are extremely beautiful but are heavy types of dresses. It is not easy to carry them. Keeping in mind, the comfort level of dressing, these dresses have become the recent choices.

weddings are incredible and a proper dress can good attire can make it even more amazing and memorable.


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